The Yeshiva Founder

Rabbi Tzvi Kahana Zt"l

All who met Rabbi Tzvi Groshka (Kahana) Z”L were motivated to emulate him. He was admired for his pronounced Ahavas Hatorah, Boki Batorah, Yashros, and Ahavas Yisroel.

Throughout all his years, Rabbi Tzvi was surrounded by the pinnacles of Torah scholars. His life was enriched with mounds of Torah. Simultaneously, these Torah giants were compassionate and righteous advisors. Rabbi Tzvi observed and absorbed it all.

In 1921, Rabbi Tzvi was born to Rabbi Aharon Gad Groshka who lived at the time in Sarni, Vahlin. He was a steadfast Karlin-Stolin Chassid. He was a pillar of light that illuminated the path of Rabbi Tzvi’s greatness. Rabbi Tzvi’s parents gave him a solid and strong Bein Adam Lamakom and Lechavero foundation and enrolled him in the most reputable Yeshivas. He started out in Mir, Poland.

Later he studied in Stolin. Following that, Rabbi Tzvi immersed himself in his studies in Yeshiva Ohel Torah-Baranovich, led by Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman Z”L. He then returned to learn in Yeshivas Mir in Poland and forged a strong, personal connection with Rabbi Eliezer Yehudah Finkel Z”L and Rabbi Yechezkel Levenstein Z”L whose motives were to establish young adults who learn Torah and Mussar; that they should serve Hashem properly and honor their peers.

At the outbreak of the Holocaust, Rabbi Tzvi was amongst the Students of Mir who fled to Shanghai and then immigrated to Eretz Yisroel. There he settled in the Slabodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. He felt like he arrived to his homeplace. He felt a spiritual connection to Eretz Yisroel and he was eager to fulfill the Mitzvahs pertaining exclusively to Eretz Yisroel.

In 1950 he married the daughter of Rabbi Yitzchak Arieli Z”L who was well-known for his safer ‘Einaim Lamishpat’.  Rebbetzin Chasida, steadfastly beheld her husband as a committed Torah learner and appreciated that he continued to thrive in his studies in the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

In 1964, Rabbi Tzvi took on a mission to enrich Yeshiva Students lives by founding Yeshivat Harei Yehuda in Moshav Beit Meir near Jerusalem. He led the Yeshiva that followed the paths of his revered Rabbis: Torah Umussar B’Mokom Echod, where serving Hashem and interpersonal ethic with an emphasis on honesty, coexist.

Additionally, he emphasized the importance of living in Eretz Yisroel; the land of our fore fathers and where the greatest amount of commandments are performed. He taught the Students and practiced hands-on the commandments pertaining to planting in Eretz Yisroel. Alongside the Student’s, they performed and observed the concepts they learn and apply applied it to real life.

On Vav Tishrei of 1996, Rabbi Tzvi passed on. His children and Students assumed responsibility to uphold the Yeshiva. They inherited his unique approach to running the Yeshiva: Instilling a pride in Students to be Torah scholars, G-d fearing, with engrained integrity.

About The Yeshiva

The Yeshiva’s sixty years of success is attributed to its foundational infrastructure, the generations of Gedolei Hador who imparted their values to the original founder, Rabbi Tzvi Kahana.

His vision was to instill the values he had inherited from his Rabbis, which included being a Lamden and an Ish Emes, with an inner core of Ohev Es Habriyos. He also felt a deep connection to living in Eretz Yisroel and keeping its exclusive Mitzvos and he imparted that as well. His ambitions bore fruit.

Currently, his children and grandchild, Talmidim, V’Talmid Talmideihem, are running the Yeshiva following his objectives: The Torah is the students’ lives. They learn it and they live it, with a strong emphasis on treating one another with respect. Implementation was only possible with proactive planning.

The location was deliberately chosen, situated in serene mountains amongst beautiful greenery, away from the bustling city of Yerushalayim. This environment is conducive for serious Torah students to invest their entire selves into learning; hence they study B’Hasmada throughout the day. The Yeshiva cultivates a connection with the Rosh Yeshivas and students on a practical level as well.

Intertwined in the learning is putting the concepts and Mitzvos into practice. The Rosh Yeshivas guide them throughout the process and provide answers to all the students’ questions. The air is one of Hasmada and sincere care towards each student as an individual.

The student body is kept small, however there is an impressive one-to-one ratio of staff to students, resulting in a sizable staff group. The students reap the benefits of having a personal connection with a staff member.

Amongst our beloved students was a student, Aryeh Schupak HY”D, who was killed in a terror attack. The Yeshiva continues to grieve the loss of his holy Neshama. He exemplified a deep connection to Hashem, devotion to Torah, and Gemillas Chassadim. We helped the students overcome the shocking reality, providing emotional support and drawing strength and Chizzuk from the Torah source.

Harei Yehuda is a Yeshiva Ketana, the Rosh Yeshivas make sure every student finds and settles in a suitable Yeshiva Gedola. Many Talmidim later choose to return to study in the Kollel of Harei Yehuda and also contribute by serving as staff members.

The combined effort of the staff keeps the momentum of the Yeshiva, building students and ultimately their future. The students’ intellect and uprightness promote them to success as they marry and enter the business world. Whether they pursue positions as Marbitzei Torah, entrepreneurs, employment, or in the military, they uphold their Torah morals and ethical values.


The dedication to the Yeshiva runs in the blood of our staff. Here’s why:

It is an honor to Rabbi Tzvi Kahana ZT”L’s name that the people who were dear to him are carrying on his legacy. His son, Rabbi Aharon Kahana; three sons-in-law, Rabbi Shlomo Ginsburg, Rabbi Shalom Karlinsky, and Rabbi Yitzchok Ehernberg who initially started out as student in the Yeshiva and later wed Rabbi Tzvi’s daughter. Rabbi Yitzchok is invested as president of the Yeshiva. Concurrently, he is Chief Rabbi of Berlin; his grandchild, Rabbi Akiva Orlansky youth director; and Talmid Rabbi Chaim Gutman, who was held to the caliber of a son to the founder. He now serves as representative of the United States. All the above mentioned continue to uphold the running of the Yeshiva according to Rabbi Tzvi’s vision.

In addition to the mentioned leaders, the Yeshiva’s staff includes alumni who have formed a strong connection with these leaders throughout their Yeshiva years and beyond. They study in the Yeshiva’s Kollel and Bes Medrash, named Beis Yechiel Leilu Nishama the father of Rabbi Chaim Gutman who provides financial support to the Yeshiva.

It is commendable that many Yeshiva alumni choose to return as full-time learners in the Kollel. They are to the students inspiring examples of how the Yeshiva can influence their lives. Apart from the Kollel student traditional learning they serve as staff members, fostering a close relationship with the students and ensuring that each of them achieve their aspirations.

The staff collaborate to work towards Yeshiva goals as a whole and each student as an individual. The strong-knit unity among the staff leads to profound accomplishments. The students learn Torah, thrive Bruchnius, and feel fulfilled. Even after they leave the Yeshiva walls, their connection with the staff lasts a lifetime.

Rabbi Tzvi Kahana  Zt”l

Rabbi Tzvi Kahana Zt”l

Rabbi Aharon Kahana

Rabbi Aharon Kahana

Rosh Yeshiva
Rabbi Shlomo Ginsburg

Rabbi Shlomo Ginsburg

Rosh Yeshiva
Rabbi Shalom Karlinsky

Rabbi Shalom Karlinsky

Rosh Yeshiva
Rabbi Yitzchok Ehernberg

Rabbi Yitzchok Ehernberg

Chief Rabbi of Berlin - President
Rabbi Chaim Gutman

Rabbi Chaim Gutman

President in the USA
Rabbi Akiva Orlansky

Rabbi Akiva Orlansky

Youth Director

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