Yeshiva Harei Yehuda
Moshav Beit Meir

Founded by Rabbi Tzvi Kahana-Grushko zt”l

About Us

In 1964, Yeshiva Harei Yehuda was founded by Rabbi Tzvi Groshka (Kahana) ZT”L. It is a Yeshiva established with the motive to instill in the students a love for learning Torah, along with integrity.

The student body is kept small in order to forge a close and lasting connection between students and staff. The students receive a high-level academic education. At the same time, we invest in each child as an individual, ensuring all their needs are met.


The Yeshiva is built on Torah-true values and approaches, as acknowledged by the Gedolei Hador in their endorsements. The praise and reviews for our alumni show the Yeshiva’s accomplishments.


Your support will uphold Yeshiva Harei Yehuda and empower us to further educate our students in Torah, ethics, and morals. 

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Image Gallery

As you can see in the images, the Yeshiva is full of vibrant energy. The vibe is one of
sincerity in learning, ambition in actualizing Mitzvos, and a spirit in creating unity.

Our Leadership

Our passionate Yeshiva leaders inspire the Talmidim, foster strong relationships, and work together towards Yeshiva goals, ensuring a lasting impact on each student.

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56-05 Cooper Avenue
Glendale, New York 11385

Yeshivat Harei Yehuda​
(Pisgat Itzchak)
7 Gesher Hachaim Street
Jerusalem 94392

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